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our spa

The HOTTEST place to CHILL in Falcon, CO!!!  


ICE is not only a CryoSpa but a MediSpa as well, combining a unique form of wellness and beauty.  We’ve also added esthetician services and non-surgical injectables.  All injectable treatments are done by Dr. Melissa Talbott.  We’ve got something for everyone!

We offer the following services

Non-surgical enhancements including:


•Dermal fillers (lips, cheeks, tear troughs, chin and more)

•PDO lifting and smooth threads

•Kybella (double chin- fat dissolver)

Esthetician services include:

•Diamond Glow Facials

• Dermafuse

•Custom Facials




•Chemical Peels


•Brow Tinting

•Eyelash extensions

  • Wispy/Hybrid

  • Volume

  • Mega

•Eyelash lifting and tinting

•IPL (hyperpigmentation and

vascular lesions, acne clearance, hair removal, and facial rejuvenation)

•Radiofrequency treatments (skin tightening, facial and body contouring, fat/cellulite reduction)

•Fractional radiofrequency treatments (skin resurfacing)

•Cryolipolysis with EMS (fat destruction)

Permanent Make-up:


•Combo Brows

•Ombre Brows

•Top and Bottom Lash Enhancement (eye liner)

•Lip Blush

•Blended Permanente Lip Color

•Full Permanent Lip Color

•Beauty Marks


Wellness services include:

•Whole Body Cryotherapy (chamber)

•Cryo spot treatment  (for sore muscles or injuries)

•Cryofacial (helps with migraines and TMJ pain)

•Heated hydromassage bed

•Infrared Sauna

•IonCleanse detoxifying foot bath


Here at ICE CryoSpa and MediSpa, we are dedicated to healing and helping your body.  Whether you get a facial, skin treatment, hydro-massage, sauna session, or cryotherapy, you will leave feeling calm and relaxed. 

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